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Wild Oak Bay 3/2 Terrace Condo For Sale

Here is a Wild Oak Bay Terraces unit I currently have listed for sale. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, recently updated. Community pool, close to IMG golf course, beaches and airport.

Wild Oak Bay Furnished Villa For Sale – Virtual Tour

Here is a Wild Oak Bay villa I currently have listed for sale. It comes as a furnished 2 bedroom, 2 bath home with a 2 car garage. The community is a hidden gem in Bradenton. The wildlife photos in the virtual tour will show you a little bit why. Community pool, close to IMG golf course, beaches and airport. Priced at $166,299.

Cool Stuff I Found This Week

Here is a link to a radio interview from NPR’s Science Friday segment which I recently heard regarding a new study released in the journal Science. It discusses the beneficial aspects of resveratrol with regard to battling diseases. This sounds very promising! I highly recommend that you listen to this 10 minute interview.

Or, how about an exciting discovery from the University of California at San Diego for a new drug treatment which corrects autism symptoms in mouse models. Researchers are using a drug originally created in 1916 for the treatment of African Sleeping Sickness! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they are finally on the right track to eradicating this debilitating affliction.

Next, is a new video app which attaches to IPhones and allows the viewer to turn the camera after the video has been recorded. Pretty cool. I hope that they come out with a non-Apple version. As a Sarasota realtor, I can see the value in having virtual tours set-up like this. I would just have to remember to put on a suit, lol. BTW, if you are thinking of purchasing property in the Sarasota/Bradenton area, now is a great time to pull the trigger. There are still plenty of choices, but the “good ones” are, once again, going fast. Contact Steve or call 941-374-1994 for further information.

I also learned this week that a new Nobel-type award / prize has been created by some of the world’s youngest and richest entrepreneurs, including Sergei Brin and Mark Zuckerburg. The prizes will be awarded annually for accomplishments in the Life Sciences. It will awarded across 5 different disciplines and will be in the amount(s) of $3 million each.
Next, for those of you who are wondering what to get me for my birthday this year, here is a new scuba diving gadget, a mask with video camera built into it. The video below shows the quality of the footage. Liquid Image

scuba mask with video camera built-in

Now on to a few things that should make you go “Hmmmm…”: This is a blog called,Creative Good that begins to delve into some of the ethical issues rapidly evolving with Google Glass, such as defining a new public etiquette with regard to having the video record button on while talking with people. This type of deeper public discussion revolving around the effects of new technologies on the non-user is valuable to me.

Here is probably the creepiest story of the week for me. This article and its accompanying video below talk about the new ability that 3D printers have of being able to print out and snap together parts to make an automatic weapon such as the AR-15. Maker-bot, currently the largest online digital plan store for 3D printers recently announced that they would no longer provide access to download the files used for printing these weapons. The video is one person’s response to that decision.

News from the Real Estate and Technology Worlds

The National Association of Realtors came out with its January pending home sales report showing steadily increasing demand for real estate across most of the country. The Pending Home Sales Index is now 10% higher than it was in January 2012. The implications of this number bode well for real estate sales in 2013. Originally it had been forecasted that 5 million homes would be sold in the US this year with an average gain of 7% over the previous year’s sales price. These stronger than expected pending home sales numbers (and they are even stronger here on the Suncoast of Florida than most of the country), tell this realtor that price gains will be larger, particularly in this area, than forecasted. Link to the original article is here. If you have any interest in getting some of my focus to assist in your real estate project, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Now on to the cool stuff…. Here is an interesting Ted talk I watched this week that discusses new advances and theories on self-replicating machinery. The nano-tehnology revolution is now only some 15-20 years away. The self-replication debate will surely become one of the world’s most pressing issues to deal with in the not-too-distant future.


Next, we move on to further confirmation that the 3D printing world is changing quicker than anyone imagined. Here is a link to a recent article discussing the latest car that will be printed out! As strong as steel at half the weight…yeah its gonna change things.

A big breakthrough in renewable energy storage technology occurred this week when UCLA developed a novel way of creating graphene super-capacitors.  These have the potential to cheaply store solar energy at night which was collected during the day.  They also portend instant device charging and less than 5 minute refills for electric cars at charging stations.  This could be a HUGE breakthrough.  Video below.


Next, here is a look at a very exciting new therapeutic advance to treat heart attack victims.  The new treatment hinges on the fact that pig’s immune systems are very similar to humans, and so scientists are now developing therapies using tissues taken from pigs for processing and implantation into humans.  These new hydrogels are already being used in human trials, and I expect them to be standard post-heart attack treatment therapeutics within the next 5 years. The video below describes the process for extracting and creating the hydrogel material.

Finally, here is a short video advertising just how much cooler all the rich kids are going to be for the next few years as Google Glasses come out on the market at a $1500/pair price tag.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and thinking about the breakthroughs and issues brought forth in this blog post. I also appreciate your comments.

Cool Stuff I Learned This Week

I think every American citizen should read this week’s Time Magazine cover story article, “Bitter Pill” by Steve Brill which is an in-depth look at our hospital billing system and asks how they can get away with charging patients 10X the hosiptal’s costs.  The article made me angry.

It appears that my nagging feelings of renewed bubble-type demand in the Sarasota-Bradenton real estate market are not going away.  This article discusses the massive foreclosure purchases occurring in Florida by Wall Street hedge funds. I hope they don’t all decide to sell at the same time; they wouldn’t try to do that, would they?  That would be stupid, and big financial firms just don’t do stupid things, do they?

Siesta Key once again wins national acclaim as having one of the finest beaches in the world in Trip Advisors “Traveler’s Choice 2013 Awards”, although I can’t really say I just learned that this week, lol.

I finished tweaking my website and Google AdWord campaign this week, and am patiently awaiting all of you new readers who want to also buy or sell a house on the Suncoast of Florida to contact me.

I also started taking two online courses this week:’s Web Development class CS253, and another one on the Coursera learning site called  Computational Investing Part I.  Both of these sites offer people top-notch educational opportunities at no cost. These are the 5h and 6th courses I have taken online in the past year, and I feel everyone should know about these sites so that they can take advantage of these opportunities too.

Now on to the cool stuff:
I found this video this week that goes over the planned mission colony to Mars in 2023. It sounds like the selection process for the first “colonists” is going to be set-up as a world-wide reality show of sorts. The qualifications and submission details to be one of these sure-to-go-down-in-history astronauts can be found
here. The had me until they mentioned that it was a one-way trip.

This Deep Space Industries video seems like a commercial right out of a Robocop movie. The increasing acceleration of technologies across wide and broad fields will probably be the central focus of these cool things posts on my blog. I hope you enjoy them and will come back to read the next one!

Here it is! The 2012 Sarasota Chalk Festival Photo Tour

I have been continually asked by friends and neighbors when the next Sarasota Chalk Art Festival photo story was going to be posted. I have been so busy the last few months that I was unable to get it finished. Well, here it is finally everyone. This year’s theme was the circus (not very original, but lets go ahead and get it out of the way as a theme so we don’t have to have it again for another decade, lol). I was not too happy with the large commercial tent in the middle of the street festival. I believe that was prime drawing space and the booth should have been off on a side street.  I must say that I was unable to get any good pictures of the wonderful work by Kurt Wenner.  The one night after it was finished that I could have taken some good pics, my camera ran out of batteries.  That drawing was something special.  When people stood in the middle of it, they really became part of the artwork.  Not being able to take any photos of that because of user error really bums me out…. but I am sure other people have tours similar to mine that include the Wenner work, and I can watch those, so all is well.

I am sure everyone that attended this event had as great a time as I did and cannot wait to do it again next year.  I hope you will watch and enjoy this photo tour I put together showing some of the vivid ways in which people are able to color the streets. If you like it, let me know. Contact me or call me at 941-374-1994.

Oh yeah, I sell real estate around here too, and am pretty good at both finding good deals as well as marketing the hard to sell properties.  I have plenty of satisifed client references upon your request. Call Steve Prescott at 941-374-1994.

In full-screen mode particularly, you may have to pause the video initially for 30 seconds or so in order for the streaming data to keep up with your bandwidth.

2011 Sarasota Chalk Art Festival Photo Tour !!!

After a bit of worry from local residents about whether it was going to happen, the 2011 Sarasota Chalk Art Festival went off with a bang and was bigger and better than ever! Artists came from all over the world including special appearances by world-renowned artist Kurt Wenner. The level of talent and caliber of artwork caused one to hear gasps of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ quite frequently while wondering through the streetfair. On the final Sunday of the festival, the Sarasota Opera House put on several interludes from Madame Butterfly on an outdoor stage created with the same anamorphic qualities that many of the 3-dimensional chalkworks displayed.

I am sure everyone that attended this event had as great a time as I did and cannot wait for next years event again. I hope you will watch and enjoy a photo tour I put together showing some of the vivid ways in which people are able to color the streets. If you like it, let me know. Contact me or call me at 941-374-1994.

In full-screen mode particularly, you may have to pause the video initially for 30 seconds or so in order for the streaming data to keep up with your bandwidth.

Sarasota-Bradenton Ranks 2nd Nationally in Re-Sales

According to a recent report from Housing Intelligence, the Sarasota-Bradenton area ranked second in home re-sales nationally in metro areas with at least 10,000 resales over the last 12 months. This is yet another sign that our market has found at least an inventory bottom and will continue to be an attractive investment market in the future.

The report goes on to say that even though property sales fells 3.8 percent nationwide in May, some markets are showing signs of health. The volume of sales in the Sarasota-Bradenton area over the last 12 months is at 70% of the sales volume of 2006 and prices are now on average 35% below where they were then.

If you are thinking of purchasing property in this area, now is a great time to pull the trigger. There are still plenty of choices, but the “good ones” are, once again, going fast. Contact Steve or call 941-374-1994 for further information.

Foreign Buyers Taking Advantage of Suncoast Real Estate Bargains

Mark Puente of the St. Petersburg Times today reported that foreign buyers are increasingly focusing their purchases in the Tampa Bay area rather than in the typical Miami-Ft.Lauderdale region. Overseas purchases in Tampa Bay over the last 12 months totalled $120 million, trailing only Miami ($127M) and Palm Beach ($275M). This figure is also higher than the $107 million that foreigners have spent on Tampa Bay real estate over the last 2 years combined. Latin America, Canada and Europe lead the way in Florida purchases.

As one of Sarasota’s premier waterfront Realtors, I want to promote our area, and further encourage our potential new neighbors to be sure to make Siesta Key a stop on your Floridian real estate tours.  I have an office located in the heart of the Siesta Key Village (5255 Ocean Boulevard).  As everyone here already knows, our beaches are amongst the best in the state if not the world. Yo hablo espanol un poquito, y me gusta mucho tratar y hablar la lengua.

If you have any questions about buying Suncoast property (Sarasota/Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch/Siesta Key/Longboat Key/Bird Key/Lido Key/Casey Key/Anna Maria), please contact me. My phone number is 941-374-1994. You can also search the Suncoast MLS

Original article can be read by clicking HERE

Longboat Key Bayfront Home now Offered For Sale – Sailboat Water!

This exquisite property is located in the deep-water / wide canal enclave of Longboat Key, Florida’s Emerald Harbor. You will experience beautiful bay views from almost every light-filled room in the house. Built in 2001, this 4400 sq ft + 3 car garage home has been meticulously maintained by its owners and it shows like it is brand new. The outdoor kitchen around the pool / Jacuzzi as well as the large 2nd floor outdoor deck ensure that you will be entertaining lots of guests. Imported stone flooring with granite and marble counters, hidden pantry in kitchen, den / library with built-in desk/bookcase. 100 feet of seawalled waterfront, 10k lb boat lift with dock and bench, mature landscaping, deeded beach access for $500/yr.

Manatees winter in Emerald Harbor’s canals every winter. I have personally seen 5-10 of them multiple times. It is my favorite thing about this neighborhood! At an open house today at this property I also saw a few dolphins hanging around out back for a while. Its a wonderful spot, seriously. Contact me or call me at 941-374-1994 for further information.

Priced aggressively at $1,989,000.

Please check out the virtual tour I made below. You may have to pause the video initially for 30 seconds or so in order for the streaming data to keep up with your bandwidth.