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Here it is! The 2012 Sarasota Chalk Festival Photo Tour

I have been continually asked by friends and neighbors when the next Sarasota Chalk Art Festival photo story was going to be posted. I have been so busy the last few months that I was unable to get it finished. Well, here it is finally everyone. This year’s theme was the circus (not very original, but lets go ahead and get it out of the way as a theme so we don’t have to have it again for another decade, lol). I was not too happy with the large commercial tent in the middle of the street festival. I believe that was prime drawing space and the booth should have been off on a side street.  I must say that I was unable to get any good pictures of the wonderful work by Kurt Wenner.  The one night after it was finished that I could have taken some good pics, my camera ran out of batteries.  That drawing was something special.  When people stood in the middle of it, they really became part of the artwork.  Not being able to take any photos of that because of user error really bums me out…. but I am sure other people have tours similar to mine that include the Wenner work, and I can watch those, so all is well.

I am sure everyone that attended this event had as great a time as I did and cannot wait to do it again next year.  I hope you will watch and enjoy this photo tour I put together showing some of the vivid ways in which people are able to color the streets. If you like it, let me know. Contact me or call me at 941-374-1994.

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