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Cool Stuff I Learned This Week

I think every American citizen should read this week’s Time Magazine cover story article, “Bitter Pill” by Steve Brill which is an in-depth look at our hospital billing system and asks how they can get away with charging patients 10X the hosiptal’s costs.  The article made me angry.

It appears that my nagging feelings of renewed bubble-type demand in the Sarasota-Bradenton real estate market are not going away.  This article discusses the massive foreclosure purchases occurring in Florida by Wall Street hedge funds. I hope they don’t all decide to sell at the same time; they wouldn’t try to do that, would they?  That would be stupid, and big financial firms just don’t do stupid things, do they?

Siesta Key once again wins national acclaim as having one of the finest beaches in the world in Trip Advisors “Traveler’s Choice 2013 Awards”, although I can’t really say I just learned that this week, lol.

I finished tweaking my website and Google AdWord campaign this week, and am patiently awaiting all of you new readers who want to also buy or sell a house on the Suncoast of Florida to contact me.

I also started taking two online courses this week:’s Web Development class CS253, and another one on the Coursera learning site called  Computational Investing Part I.  Both of these sites offer people top-notch educational opportunities at no cost. These are the 5h and 6th courses I have taken online in the past year, and I feel everyone should know about these sites so that they can take advantage of these opportunities too.

Now on to the cool stuff:
I found this video this week that goes over the planned mission colony to Mars in 2023. It sounds like the selection process for the first “colonists” is going to be set-up as a world-wide reality show of sorts. The qualifications and submission details to be one of these sure-to-go-down-in-history astronauts can be found
here. The had me until they mentioned that it was a one-way trip.

This Deep Space Industries video seems like a commercial right out of a Robocop movie. The increasing acceleration of technologies across wide and broad fields will probably be the central focus of these cool things posts on my blog. I hope you enjoy them and will come back to read the next one!

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