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News from the Real Estate and Technology Worlds

The National Association of Realtors came out with its January pending home sales report showing steadily increasing demand for real estate across most of the country. The Pending Home Sales Index is now 10% higher than it was in January 2012. The implications of this number bode well for real estate sales in 2013. Originally it had been forecasted that 5 million homes would be sold in the US this year with an average gain of 7% over the previous year’s sales price. These stronger than expected pending home sales numbers (and they are even stronger here on the Suncoast of Florida than most of the country), tell this realtor that price gains will be larger, particularly in this area, than forecasted. Link to the original article is here. If you have any interest in getting some of my focus to assist in your real estate project, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Now on to the cool stuff…. Here is an interesting Ted talk I watched this week that discusses new advances and theories on self-replicating machinery. The nano-tehnology revolution is now only some 15-20 years away. The self-replication debate will surely become one of the world’s most pressing issues to deal with in the not-too-distant future.


Next, we move on to further confirmation that the 3D printing world is changing quicker than anyone imagined. Here is a link to a recent article discussing the latest car that will be printed out! As strong as steel at half the weight…yeah its gonna change things.

A big breakthrough in renewable energy storage technology occurred this week when UCLA developed a novel way of creating graphene super-capacitors.  These have the potential to cheaply store solar energy at night which was collected during the day.  They also portend instant device charging and less than 5 minute refills for electric cars at charging stations.  This could be a HUGE breakthrough.  Video below.


Next, here is a look at a very exciting new therapeutic advance to treat heart attack victims.  The new treatment hinges on the fact that pig’s immune systems are very similar to humans, and so scientists are now developing therapies using tissues taken from pigs for processing and implantation into humans.  These new hydrogels are already being used in human trials, and I expect them to be standard post-heart attack treatment therapeutics within the next 5 years. The video below describes the process for extracting and creating the hydrogel material.

Finally, here is a short video advertising just how much cooler all the rich kids are going to be for the next few years as Google Glasses come out on the market at a $1500/pair price tag.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and thinking about the breakthroughs and issues brought forth in this blog post. I also appreciate your comments.

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