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Cool Stuff I Found This Week

Here is a link to a radio interview from NPR’s Science Friday segment which I recently heard regarding a new study released in the journal Science. It discusses the beneficial aspects of resveratrol with regard to battling diseases. This sounds very promising! I highly recommend that you listen to this 10 minute interview.

Or, how about an exciting discovery from the University of California at San Diego for a new drug treatment which corrects autism symptoms in mouse models. Researchers are using a drug originally created in 1916 for the treatment of African Sleeping Sickness! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they are finally on the right track to eradicating this debilitating affliction.

Next, is a new video app which attaches to IPhones and allows the viewer to turn the camera after the video has been recorded. Pretty cool. I hope that they come out with a non-Apple version. As a Sarasota realtor, I can see the value in having virtual tours set-up like this. I would just have to remember to put on a suit, lol. BTW, if you are thinking of purchasing property in the Sarasota/Bradenton area, now is a great time to pull the trigger. There are still plenty of choices, but the “good ones” are, once again, going fast. Contact Steve or call 941-374-1994 for further information.

I also learned this week that a new Nobel-type award / prize has been created by some of the world’s youngest and richest entrepreneurs, including Sergei Brin and Mark Zuckerburg. The prizes will be awarded annually for accomplishments in the Life Sciences. It will awarded across 5 different disciplines and will be in the amount(s) of $3 million each.
Next, for those of you who are wondering what to get me for my birthday this year, here is a new scuba diving gadget, a mask with video camera built into it. The video below shows the quality of the footage. Liquid Image

scuba mask with video camera built-in

Now on to a few things that should make you go “Hmmmm…”: This is a blog called,Creative Good that begins to delve into some of the ethical issues rapidly evolving with Google Glass, such as defining a new public etiquette with regard to having the video record button on while talking with people. This type of deeper public discussion revolving around the effects of new technologies on the non-user is valuable to me.

Here is probably the creepiest story of the week for me. This article and its accompanying video below talk about the new ability that 3D printers have of being able to print out and snap together parts to make an automatic weapon such as the AR-15. Maker-bot, currently the largest online digital plan store for 3D printers recently announced that they would no longer provide access to download the files used for printing these weapons. The video is one person’s response to that decision.

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