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Sarasota Chalk Art Festival – Halloween 2010 !!!

Here is a tour of some great art created by world renowned street artists here in Sarasota, Florida during Halloween weekend 2010.  It was a very unique event and one that I hope Sarasota continues every Halloween.

The festival was split into 4 areas, the first area was for kids and novices.  Everyone received a 2 X 2 square with which to work.  The second area was made up of local artists.  Here, the artists were given a 10′ X 10′ square.  Some of these were exceptional and really worthy of being in section 3.  In this section, the squares were also about 10′ X 10′, but the technique borne only by months hunched over, creating temporary works of art in various cities around the world could clearly come through on most of these efforts.  Again bravo to the artists.

The final area was made up of the monster anamorphic drawings where teams of 5-10 people would work on a piece that averaged 40′ X 75′.   The artwork seemed to jump out at the viewer.  Indeed, one of the works was of a monster that was breaking out of the ground and grabbing at the viewer with a hand that had to be 10 feet across.  The artists were also kind enough to set up lenses on  tripods that used the drawn perspective to further enhance the three dimensional effects.  My pictures do not do them justice, believe me!!!

It was very fun event, with plenty of live music and food and beverages.  The event was also a wonderful tie-in to the Halloween festivities.  It would seem to be a smart idea for the city to try and continue this as an annual tradition.  I forsee great things for this event (and $$$ for the city) should that occur.  I hope you enjoy it.  Tell your friends!!!

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