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Area Sales Heating Up!

According to the Gulf Coast Business Review, the number of properties sold in January across Florida is up substantially from the 2010 figure. Condo totals were up 36% and single-family home figures were up 14%. The flip-side is that prices were down, 18% for condos and 7% for single-family homes. Sarasota/Bradenton figures were in line with Florida’s overall statistics with number of overall sales up 12%, but median prices down by 13%.

So have we hit bottom here? My personal feeling is that individual properties and sometimes neighborhoods are finding their bottoms individually. We have a smorgasboard of valuing activity here now in this market. Some of the higher demand areas of Sarasota single-family homes such as: Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Bird Key, West of the Trail, Southgate, Gulf Gate and others are definitely off their lows with regard to median pricing.   Other areas and properties probably still have some further re-pricing to go through.  It all depends on how many more distressed sales take place in that neighborhood or complex. Once again the old real estate adage: location, location, location holds true.

If you have any questions about buying or selling property in the area, please contact me.  Feel free to leave comments to any of my posts.

Gulf & Bay Club, Siesta Key 2/2 Virtual Tour

Here is another virtual tour I recently created.  This condominium is located in the heart of Siesta Key, right next to the public beach.  Gulf & Bay Club is dear to my heart as my family has owned at least 1 unit in here since their construction.  I think  this is one of the finest complexes on the island with reasonable fees for owners and the widest selection of activites of any condominium of which I know.

 I believe this tour turned out pretty well.  Please contact me  if you have any questions on this unit or any other in this lovely complex.   This recently remodeled unit is for purchase and rent on a 1 month minimum basis.

Announcing the Official Roll-Out of the “Sarasota Real Estate Resource Guide”!!!

I wanted to notify the world that I am officially launching my new full-service real estate website, the “Sarasota Real Estate Resource Guide” or as well as

My website is geared toward people who are considering buying or selling property on the Suncoast of Florida.  I am a licensed Realtor in the state of Florida, and possess a Master’s degree in Finance.  I have been working very hard at creating this new website.  It is my first endeavor into the coding world.  I hope that you will try it out and find some value in its applications.

As I said, the site is geared toward buyers and sellers of Suncoast real estate.  There are a variety of pages in the site that discuss the different areas and neighborhoods and schools of our wonderful coastal cities.  But the search features are sure to be the most used on the website.  I therefore feel that I should take a moment to explain the different ways one can explore properties for sale on the site.

The first way one can search is via the home page’s QUICK SEARCH.  Here you can choose among a limited number of search parameter fields.  Once a user has input their parameter(s), the FIND HOMES button is clicked.  The user will then see the results of their search below.  Whenever a search result is shown, either the VIEW DETAILS button can be clicked or the picture of the property itself.  This will open up a new page containing more detailed information on that particular property.  On this details page there are typically virtual tour links that a user can click to get even further pictorial details.

Next to the FIND HOMES button is another button called ADVANCED SEARCH.  By clicking here, the user opens up many more search parameters from which to choose.  Details are shown similarly to the QUICK SEARCH.  But perhaps the coolest search is the one that is used by clicking the INTERACTIVE MAP button on the left sidebar of the homepage.  Once there, a banner instructs users to “CLICK ME”.  This opens another abbreviated search parameter overlay with SEARCH button.  The resulting properties will then show up as blue dot icons on the map allowing users to see exactly where the prospective properties are located.  The user can pan and zoom the map with the mouse or manual controls on the left of screen.  The blue icons representing properties can also be clicked to bring up a mini-picture of the property.  If this picture of the property is then clicked, the associated detailed property page will come up in a new window giving the user access to the same data as they could have found on the ADVANCED SEARCH page.

The map also allows users to switch between the typical map view or to a satellite image view, a la Google Maps.  Finally, there is also a little yellow man icon on the map controls on the left side of screen.  Users can click and drag this little yellow man and pull him on to the map and drop him next to one of the blue icons, representing houses.  The website will then take the user to a street-view which allows the user to see the neighborhood up close.  Users can even walk down the street and turn around.  The website allows users to VIEW FAVORITES, however, they must register on the website and save the property as a favorite before this will work.

I expect that the site will continue to grow and modify fairly consistently going forward.  I am already creating some new targeted linked searches on the Longboat Key page.  I expect to continue expanding along these lines.  If you have any suggestions, comments or concerns, please drop me a line.  My contact info is all over the site…lol

Sarasota – Bradenton Named Top Area in the U.S. to Retire

A national business publication recently named the Sarasota – Bradenton area as the #1 retirement destination in the country out of 157 total communities.  One of’s primary measurements was to analyze the existing population of seniors.  The areas that ranked the highest in the study also exhibited current robust senior populations.  I wonder if they came to Siesta Key to do some local analysis, and whether that had anything to do with their rankings as well.  One thing is for sure though, over the next few years as more and more of the baby boom generation begins to retire, our area will continue to benefit from a steady influx of new residents here to enjoy the Suncoast.

Siesta Key Sand Sculpture Exhibition Thanksgiving 2010

I put together some photos of the recent sand castle contest on Siesta Key Beach on Thanksgiving weekend 2010. There were approximately 15-20 different sculptures to view. If you were unable to visit for this event then I hope you will enjoy the tour.

Siesta Key Beachfront Townhome Virtual Tour

Here is a great looking 4 Bedroom / 3.5 Bath Siesta Key gulf-front townhome that is now available for purchase or lease. Located just north of the public beach, and before the Village, it is centrally located for anything that you might want to do on this wonderful island. I just created this virtual tour and believe that the view alone will cure a lot of ills. Contact us for further details on this listing. Sunset photos were taken right out in front of the unit, I promise 🙂

Sarasota, Florida – Secluded Riverfront Estate Virtual Tour – FOR SALE OR LEASE

Here is another virtual tour I just finished.   This property is simply unbelievable.  So much privacy and yet close to everything.  It is for sale or lease.  Contact us for details!!!

Sarasota Chalk Art Festival – Halloween 2010 !!!

Here is a tour of some great art created by world renowned street artists here in Sarasota, Florida during Halloween weekend 2010.  It was a very unique event and one that I hope Sarasota continues every Halloween.

The festival was split into 4 areas, the first area was for kids and novices.  Everyone received a 2 X 2 square with which to work.  The second area was made up of local artists.  Here, the artists were given a 10′ X 10′ square.  Some of these were exceptional and really worthy of being in section 3.  In this section, the squares were also about 10′ X 10′, but the technique borne only by months hunched over, creating temporary works of art in various cities around the world could clearly come through on most of these efforts.  Again bravo to the artists.

The final area was made up of the monster anamorphic drawings where teams of 5-10 people would work on a piece that averaged 40′ X 75′.   The artwork seemed to jump out at the viewer.  Indeed, one of the works was of a monster that was breaking out of the ground and grabbing at the viewer with a hand that had to be 10 feet across.  The artists were also kind enough to set up lenses on  tripods that used the drawn perspective to further enhance the three dimensional effects.  My pictures do not do them justice, believe me!!!

It was very fun event, with plenty of live music and food and beverages.  The event was also a wonderful tie-in to the Halloween festivities.  It would seem to be a smart idea for the city to try and continue this as an annual tradition.  I forsee great things for this event (and $$$ for the city) should that occur.  I hope you enjoy it.  Tell your friends!!!

Siesta Key – Gulf & Bay Condo Virtual Tour

Here is another virtual tour that I have recently created.  The listing agent is my father, so feel free to contact either of us if you would like more information on this property and its availability.  I hope you enjoy the video.  You may have to pause the video initially for 30 seconds or so in order for the streaming data to keep up with your bandwidth.

New Virtual Tour

Here is a virtual tour of a Siesta Key condominum listing that I currently have.  This is the first virtual tour I have ever created and I hope that you enjoy it and that it helps to sell the property.  This is obviously a service that I offer to my clients free of charge.